The training of the spy!

A difficult mission for the best female spy of the CIA: The infiltration of a Pakistani terrorist network with good connections to Al Qaeda is the mission of Carol Cunt, the code name of the agent. In Langley, the agent is now working to get familiar with the anatomy of the Pakistani cocks and the “art of fucking” the Pakistanis practice -  with a training Islamists. After this training, her fake identity will be perfect and it will not leak!

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Secret of Life

Long time ago, 2,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, there was the female pharaoh named Vulva. Before her death, she let the greatest magicians of the country cast a spell on her. By contact with the “juice of life”, her lifeless body would be resurrected to new life. Today was the Day of Resurrection. A researcher of the science department of the CIA was looking for years for this mysterious queen of Egypt. The scientist had discoverd the “Book of the Dead” at his last dig. He just had found the mysterious pharaoh – and began immediately to bring her back into life – with his sperm.

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Secret CIA Interrogation Training!

The interrogations of enemy combatants by the intelligence services need to be prepared very carefully and precisely. The CIA is counting on female interrogation personnel. The Islamist terror suspects are already confused by the presence of women. In addition, women have a finer sense of the quiet nuances during the interrogation. On the CIA’s secret base Mihail Kogalniceanu (Romania), near the town of Constanza on the Black Sea, the women are practically trained in interrogation techniques in. In role-playing games, they take them the role of the suspect.

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The secret plans for the Gaza Strip!

The weakness of Hamas is also its medieval attitude to sex. Israel is now turning more into sexy female soldiers, to exploit this weakness and to take over the administration peacefully. The only way the Hamas-chaos can be eliminated! Thus, peace in the Middle East is finally secured and law and order be restored! Devorah, a member of the Israeli army has its Gaza trimmed nicely, waiting for her deployment order for the liberation of the Gaza Strip.

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The secret Iraq reports I

August 2009: On patrol in Iraq! Our small group – five soldiers of the U.S. Army and three supporters of the Iraqi Army – had received a tip from an informant: In the  house Number 15 of the Sesame Street in Baghdad, enemy combatants would stay. We stormed the house – and found only two guys and a horny woman. To prove that the three are not extremist Islamists, we used the standard Iraqi Islamists test: The three had to fuck on camera: Two hard cocks for one iraqi cunt…

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Ex-girlfriend fucked anal!

Torsten B. is being censored from his ex. He reports: With Kerstin I was three years together. We had ups and downs in our relationship. The “downs” were a result of their sex addiction. The bitch was insatiable. Again and again she wanted to fuck with me, I should give up my job for these events. This was an impossibility. To the sake of peace, I finally gave my OK to her idea to establish a family friend. Finally he fucked also with her, when I was there. Over a dating site she aquired new toymen. I even had to film their orgies. Now she is gone – the stupid Kerstin – with a strange man. They have taken my TV and my notebook as she moved – quietly – out of our apartment to her “new boyfriend”. With the pictures I have of her, I tried my revenge now – and to fund a new television. The bitch has subsequently engaged a windy attorney against me . The using of the “private porn photos” is prohibited by injunction. As far as Torsten’s report. He has asked for help to stop the censorship. We can help. Kerstin’s “private” pictures (The bitch is having sex with two men and she is fucked in the ass) are now online – and you can see them here:

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